Closeness to Glass

Closeness to Glass: How Chat Roulette can inform an artistic practice.
Creative research for my Honours degree at Curtin University, Perth.

Abstract: Chat Roulette is a video chat website that connects users together in a series of fleeting, anonymous encounters. This research investigates how a visual artist can use this platform as both the material and impetus for visual art.

By visiting this website everyday, I have established myself in the position of both viewer and the viewed and because of the nature of this platform, I feel free to exercise the female gaze.

Starting with screen captures from Chat Roulette, I create clay objects that are covered in bright, plasticky paint, glitter and gems. These materials indicate toward how the body is mediated by the webcam and the screen and by sincerely using these craft based materials, I am challenging the ideas of kitsch and irony in contemporary art. These objects become abstracted portraits as I reflect on my level of comfort or confrontation while digitally connected to these men on the other side of the screen.